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Parents of CDK13 children and teenagers are no longer alone.


Facebook*, Instagram and LinkedIn pages now exist to help CDK13 families keep in touch with each other and to share their experiences and resources. Please search for CDK13.

Being able to connect with someone going through the same challenges is a true gift.  

Many of the CDK13 children look similar. To some parents it is painful to see. But to some, it feels like you love all these children, because they all look like brothers and sisters of your own child. 

All CDK13 Facebook are private, and only parents of the CDK13 children can register. 

Please check the UK-specific and Worldwide group CDK13-related Genetic Disorder Parent Group - a private but non-restrictive* group. To become a member, please contact us through the Contact Form on this website or send a Facebook or a LinkedIn message to Ekaterina Fields

*Some other FB groups do not allow out of group contact between members, or any CDK13 information sharing outside the group. Please check the rules with the group's owner. 

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